Who We Are

Sometimes it can by tricky to join the dots…

Started in 2021, there were two guys who were confused and a bit flummoxed by the wave of unstructured, disparate, loosely connected slabs of information out there on this niche, but massively growing sub industry called Sustainable Finance.

So, we decided to do something about it. 

We thought we’d start to share and exchange all the great information and news we were finding ourselves, in case others found it useful too.

First came Twitter, LinkedIn articles, then a few loose posts and finally this website to help pull everything together in one easy to find, easy to navigate and easy to reference portal on all things relating to Sustainable Finance. 

Easy !

So please come back and stay in touch as we continue on the journey to help understand how the world can finance it’s way to NetZero and make the transition to a more sustainable way of living.

Nick and Ty, the SFKx Team

Last modified: June 9, 2022

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