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Considerations for Banks in setting a Net Zero Strategy

| Report Authors: Financial Services Taskforce
| Report Date: October 2021
| Pages: 81

Our quick summary of this report:

  • This paper outlines in simple language the considerations for banks in setting a net zero strategy.
  • The transition to net zero will require significant investment and finance.
  • As part of this the banks will play an increasing important role.
  • That’s where banks have an important role to play to channeling the finance needed to invest in sustainable businesses and areas.
  • Many banks have made net zero commitments in recent years.
  • But what does this mean in practical terms as they try and reduce their financed emissions within their portfolios?

One of our favorite parts:

From page 45 – how Carbon Offsetting works.  See a great summary starting in this section of the report.  (image snippet below to get you interested)

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